How to keep a desk tidy

The place we work in not only affects the way we feel, but also how we do our duties. It’s much easier to focus in an organized space. Keeping your desk clean seems trivial, and yet working at a clean and tidy desk is much more efficient and pleasant. How to make sure that our desk is like that?


Remove everything that’s not necessary: old receipts, read papers, used-up pens, and empty coffee mugs. Move the things you use only occasionally to desk drawers. Dust off the items you need for work. Do the same thing with the desk itself, using the Presto for various surfaces wet wipes. Thanks to the anti-static formula, dust will accumulate at a much slower rate.


Use the Presto for screens wipes to clean the computer and the phone—it will make them shiny with no streaks. To make sure that the desk doesn’t get messy, keep on it only the things you really need and regularly remove any soiling and dust. It’s also a good idea to keep a wastebasket nearby, so that the desk is not littered with chocolate bar wrappings or notes that are no longer needed.

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