How to keep stone clean

Stone is being used more and more often to finish interiors, making them original and elegant. You can choose natural stone, such as marble and granite, or artificial stone (terrazzo). Stone surfaces come in various sizes, shapes, and thickness levels, and they offer unique colors and textures. They are a stylish element of interior design. How to clean them to enjoy their beauty for as long as possible?

Even though stone is hard and durable, its surface can be easily damaged by using the wrong tools and cleaning agents. However, the Presto for stone surfaces wet wipes, which are intended for marble, granite, and terrazzo, will clean these surfaces safely and efficiently. You will easily clean tabletops and window sills with it, as well as stone on stairs, floors, walls, and tombstones. Thanks to a special oil, the enliven the stone and make it shiny.


Remember to remove soiling right away. This is why you should immediately wipe off any acidic fluids (citrus juice, vinegar, wine) from tabletops and window sills, as they can tarnish shiny surfaces. In the same way, remove stains, melting snow, and greasy spots from the floor because they can leave lasting marks.

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